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Leaves of Grass


This dance and new technology production deals with ecology as a theme for love, struggle and survival. All interpersonal, political, ethical and even moral questions, are subservient to the ecological question.
How to care for vegetal life as much as we care for our beloved?
How to survive… ourselves?

Leaves of Grass takes off where Perfectiøn, ends. While Perfectiøn, deals with hurling poorly-equipped into vertiginous novelty of the future and straining to maintain composure by looking for comfort and meaning in our deep Paleolithic past, Leaves of Grass continues to examine the underlying theme for salvation.
The solo’s evocation of the archaic underpinnings to our visceral understanding of the natural world is the jumping-off point for this group work’s examination of our relationship to that natural world and of ourselves as part of it.
The explosive velocity of our future is here debated, experimented with and fought over. It is a question of love and it is a question of war. It is beyond morals. It is about survival. It is about how to survive… ourselves.

Plant world has a leading role in this creation.

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UArt Nouveau


"UArt Nouveau" is a concept of educational workshops on the theme of digital arts and new technologies.

During three afternoons it offers the presentation of six interactive installations and six sessions of explanations, demonstrations and questions-answers. Then, a representation-demonstration of the multidisciplinary performance Leaves of Grass is planned. This piece combines digital arts, contemporary dance and land art.

The event will end with a presentation in a friendly atmosphere of "Uart Nouveau - Form Lab", the 13-months digital training for structures, artists and cultural entrepreneurs.

November 16-19 2016

Centre culturel du Brabant Wallon
Rue Belotte 3, 1490 Court-St-Etienne

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Work in progress



Hip Hop and contemporary dance

In Spledge, difference is the driving force of convergence.

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For Fotos (& Fugues)


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