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Ulysses Roaming

Ulysses Roaming


- 2005 -

For Ulysses Roaming, Bud Blumenthal draws inspiration from the choreographic and technical research conducted in ‘Les Sentiers d’Ulysse’ (Ulysses’ Paths) and ‘Reflets d’Ulysse’ (Ulysses’ Reflections).

Ulysses is free to wander. He moves in space as only a magician can, defying gravity, logic, time, space, direction, size ... and our expectations. Ulysses escapes from his painful myth and can at last roam freely, where no man has ever been: encrusted into the floor, the walls, flying in space.

Parallel to this trip in pictures of Ulysses, another path is drawn, again mobile: that of sound. While sirens seduce us with their magic singing, these mysterious messages can be totally related to our inner thoughts. Impossible to know where they originate from, these sounds are like a soft wind blowing from nowhere. Supplicating voices? Groans from the depths? Whispers? Fragmented echoes of our laughter? Where are/were they?



Historic of the representation

13 FEBRUARY - 4 MARCH 2005

1-17 JUNE 2005