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Les Sentiers d'Ulysse

Les Sentiers d'Ulysse


solo with moving video
- 2003 -

Les Sentiers d’Ulysse (Ulysse's Path) is a solo piece composed from the idea of perpetually moving interior monologue in which impressions, sensations and emotions intersect. Caught up in the ‘dance of the spirit’ described in James Joyce’s opus, the character becomes his own labyrinth. Like Leopold Bloom, unveiled from his interior, his psyche, Bud Blumenthal composes a non-heroic Ulysses, revealed by his bodily states and his interiority. The image here acquires the ability to move, dancing with the performer and revealing to us both the environment and aspects and hidden troubles of this man in search of knowledge.




Created and interpretated by

Bud Blumenthal

Historic of the representation

22-24 JULY 2003

10-11 OCTOBER 2003

26-28 NOVEMBER 2003

19 APRIL 2004


Production : Cie Bud Blumenthal / Hybrid. Coproduction : Forum Culturel du Blanc-Mesnil. Avec l’aide de la DRAC Ile de France, ,du CGRI, de Danse à Aix, du 3BisF et Charleroi/Danses - Centre Chorégraphique de la Communauté Wallonie-Bruxelles, dans le cadre de la coproduction du projet Les Reflets d’Ulysse