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Full Play

Full Play



sound, video, dance and interactivity
- 2003 -

Full Play is an experimental production that very concretely integrates the different languages of art: dance, music and visual arts. In a stage setting of eight large screens placed in a circle and at different heights, Bud Blumenthal creates a dance performance on a platform equipped with ground sensors. The performance revolves around the interactive theatre-machine playing on the archetypal notion of the theatre as a ‘a place to see’ opening into the concept of ‘a space to hear’.

Full Play applies the research results and concepts developed by international, multidisciplinary teams of scientists, artists and musicians with architect Paolo Atzori, choreographer Bud Blumenthal and composer Anthony Moore.



Choreography, interpretation

Bud Blumenthal

Historic of the representation

26-28 SEPTEMBER 2002


Production : Cie Bud Blumenthal / Hybrid, Academy of Media Arts (Cologne) et Festival Villette Numérique. Coproduction : Centre National de la Danse (CND)