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Phantom Limbic

Phantom Limbic


sextet with computer generated images / Ballet de Lorraine
- 2002 -

A limbic phantom is the phenomenon of feeling an amputated limb as if it were still there. The limbic system is the neurobiological apparatus which supports the emotions. In this tribute to Loïe Fuller, Phantom Limbic plays on the inherent ambiguity of these two words, both feeling a part of one’s body which is no more, and penetrating deep into the system that governs human emotions.

Danse macabre à la Dante, hybrid bodies à la Hieronymus Bosch, hypnotic scenes in a fog of fantasy, movements of bodies and souls through variously surrealist, cloudy or oceanic environments. This universe is composed of synthetic images developed from fractals (mist, water, fire, electricity, clouds). Animation is either by manipulating objects by motion capture, or manually via choreographic reference items to which video is added to create a subtle integration of real and virtual bodies.



Historic of the representation

22-26 MAY 2002


Production : Le Ballet de Lorraine