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Morning dance classes


19-23 MARS 2012

Morning Class
Hi Tec Tools / Toys

This training is a method for an integral approach of dance techniques. It consists in breaking down basic elements of movement, dynamics and body architecture. Furthermore it proposes an integration of these elements in new relations in order to make the body function more harmoniously. It also serves for simplifying the understanding of information about the body. Ultimately, our actual knowledge about movement can be sensibly and effectively used at any time.
All knowledge that is acquired through the training of this method can be easily used also in other movement training and everyday life.
Hi Tec Tools include a floor barre with elements of acrobatics, a standing barre with spins, basic upside down, stability and speed exercises, jumps and phrases including jumps, acrobatics and basic partnering.

All classes are sensitively set according to the students’ abilities.

Enjoy your mo(VE)ment

In this workshop I focus on developing better understanding of own physical material and exploring possibilities to push this material into extremes, by choosing different approaches, limitations, obstructions or changing its dynamics and topography. I am interested in speed, attack, dynamics, physical logics and the way we connect and understand these terms, for creating new and surprising movement languages.

Workshop starts with 1 hour technical formation and 2 hours working on own material.

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