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Hybrid Dance Training


Morning dance classes


24 JUIN 2018

A dance class with a difference based on mindfulness and Gestalt psychotherapy movement practice.

Often we are taught a movement vocabulary, new steps, new moves perhaps building this into a new choreography. This is important as it allows us to widen our possibilities to express without words and gives us a wider vocabulary to communicate with others. Often these are used as a way to tell a pre-defined story.

Yet, many of our body reactions are quite instinctual. We learn to walk by ourselves, we learn to run from danger or fight to protect ourselves. We often respond in anger or defence when we feel we are being threatened and often these are linked to our emotions which in turn are linked to past experiences and memories, some of them we don’t even remember.

So, how do we harness the energy from these emotions to fuel our movement? How do we move from being chained to our past experiences, to instinctive reactions which might diminish out expressive vocabulary in REAL LIFE, which might narrow our felt experience and close us to new ways of experiencing the world in movement?How do we open to seeing our standard patterns of movement without needing to go into our mind to analyse them? In Open Floor we use movement (dance) as a way of connecting to the present moment, to connecting to your life experiences in the current moment, to embodiment your current experience, adding breath and movement and pretty soon, you are moving in ways that you have probably never moved before.

The class offers a balance between guided teaching and free dancing. It’s an opportunity to clear your mind, release your stress, connect to yourself, connect to others, to sweat and to have fun doing it, or it could be simply an opportunity to dance your need for solitude and space - come and discover your own personal experience. And if you’ve never danced this way then I will make you feel totally at ease and you will find your dance without even knowing it.

Further Information on Open Floor Dance Practice:
Watch a video of my teacher Lori Saltzman:


What is movement or dance meditation?This meditation practice is grounded in mindfulness meditationThis is not about trying to fix or change anything but rather to become aware of what is real for us in our lives right now.

Then we add freestyle movement.

In practical terms, we are not trying to empty our mind but observe thoughts, feeling, emotions and sensations and accept them as they are, which is a part of what makes us human. The goal is not to resist these things, to judge them or to make them wrong but rather to find a way to give them movement and breath. This often has a way of unblocking certain stress points in the body, allowing the muscles to soften, the energy to flow, and the body to become more fluid and release the stress or repetitive thoughts that might be causing you aches and pains. We also play with our reactions and responses to events in our lives to find out what are our standard ways of functioning. Often we respond based on our habits, conditioning, preferences and past experiences. The beauty of this class is that we don’t try to analyse any of this with the mind. We do it in dance, in movement.I guide you through awareness questions and exercises with a backdrop of music and movement. The exercises are individual and group exercises and are a way of letting go, connecting to ourselves and to others and playing with our patterns in relationship.

I give space an time for freestyle individual, partner and group movement / dance and before you know it you are moving in your own way, dancing you own personal dance.

Imraan Ismail

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- September 11-15 : Bud Blumenthal, Fundamental Fluid Roots
- September 18-22 : Cie F.Chazerand, Atelier sur le thème de la ronde
- September 25-29 : Marielle Morales, L'impermanence dansée
- October 2-6 : Susanne Bentley, Embodying Text
- October 9-12 : Maria Eugenia Lopez & Shantala Pèpe, Atelier sur le toucher


The classes are oriented to experimented and professional dancers
9€/class (or 70€ for 10 classes)
From 10:00 to 11:45 at Studio Hybrid
rue de l'Intendant 111 - 1080 Brussels

Tel: 02/4243524
INFO : info@bud-hybrid.org

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Regular Evening Classes


7 MARS - 7 JUILLET 2016

Lorsque la posture est faite correctement, les mouvements du corps s’adoucissent, il y a légèreté dans le corps et liberté dans la pensée.

Félicette Chazerand est Chorégraphe, directrice artistique de sa compagnie de danse depuis 1992 et professeur de mouvement à l'IAD, école de théâtre de Louvain la Neuve.

Son enseignement, traversé par différentes pratiques dont le Body-mind Centering et le yoga postural, se destine à tous ceux qui souhaitent faire l'expérience de leur fonctionnement corporel pour un mieux être.

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10 OCTOBRE 2017
28 JUIN 2018

L'Axis Syllabus initié par Frey Faust devient au fil des années une recherche partagée entre différents individus venant d'horizons sociaux et culturels variés.

L'Axis Syllabus est une source d'informations ouverte sur l'étude du corps et du mouvement pouvant être utilsée dans différentes disciplines.
Travaillant et s'inspirant entre autres sur les aspects anatomiques, bio-mécaniques, physiques, cette recherche peut être considéré comme un lexique qui assemble ces informations dans le but d'offrir des outils pour se mouvoir dans l'espace.

Les cours s'établissent dans un contexte pédagogique ouvert à l'échange qui nourrit cette étude en continu.

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1 OCTOBRE 2017

This class welcomes dancers, movers, poets or practitioners with solid experience in another field.

This workshop introduces space as a catalyst for generating speech from a body in motion. It looks at physical, dimensional elements that inspire movement and facilitate the utterance of words. The aim is to align the creativity of the talking body with the refined energies of the dancing body.

Billie Hanne’s artistic practice extends from the experimental tradition and is consistently involved with rooting poetry in the heart of the dance. Through radical handling of movement and speech she creates visceral works at the nexus of composition, improvisation, visual art, dance and a new form of poetry.

She is a passionate performer and teacher able to transmit her wide experience with clarity, humour, zest.

INFO : www.billiehanne.net

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26 JUIN 2016

La Contact-Impro Jam est une forme libre avec une seule règle : le respect de l'espace et des autres. Elle se concentre essentiellement sur la notion de contact, mais est ouverte à toute autre modalité improvisationnelle.

Ouvertes aux danseurs, contacteurs, musiciens, pour un temps de pratique d'improvisation libre.

Contact: Tommy Russo
Tel: 0032 484/738771

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1 JANVIER - 12 JUIN 2016

Le Contact-Impro est une forme libre avec une seule règle : le respect de l'espace et des autres. Elle se concentre essentiellement sur la notion de contact, mais est ouverte à toute autre modalité improvisationnelle.


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