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Morning dance classes


25-29 AVRIL 2011

Efficient human locomotion in the gravitational field includes complex phases of reception and propulsion. These 2 phases are characterized by an asymmetric and sequential deployment of body parts using the various properties of muscular support in order to provide motor control while falling through space. We will examine these phases in the light of their circular appearance and define their coordination needs.

The classes will be structured using repeating motifs that represent illustrations of different falling studies. We will focus on alignment and the channelling of kinetic energy in these cases, which will include discussions of joint function and physical laws. Gradual addition of the motifs to each other will lead to longer phrases; there will be both floor and standing work.

Registration: barismihci@googlemail.com

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Regular Evening Classes


3 JANVIER - 16 JUIN 2011

Certified Axis Syllabus Professor Baris Mihci teaches an ongoing class 3 evenings a week.

Every week there is a different subject for in deep and broad investigation.

The regular classes offer an ongoing movement training based on specific exercises that are designed to transmit certain principles about the body in motion e.g. observance of healthy parameters for joint and muscle-function, logical falling and walking reflexes and the conservation of kinetic energy.

The Axis Syllabus is an analysis system that takes physiodynamics and anatomical parameters into account and serves as a toolbox for understanding the design of the body and its movement possibilities such as steer inertia-driven undulations in the body-core, the sequential use of the various body elements for support and locomotion and the application of appropriate alignment to dynamic situations. Structured improvisation and set material will be developed to offer possibilities for the application of these principles. Each week we will concentrate on a particular area of focus, and elaborate this theme throughout the week.

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5 JANVIER - 30 JUIN 2011

Body of fire is a technic and an educational program created by the ex-yugoslavian choreographer , performer and visual artist, Elena Lin. Body of fire is a dance technic which integrates elements of contemporary dance, of theater making, of martial arts, and physical theater. The training is working on voice and movement, on free body expression, on contact and partnering work using objects,costumes and images.

Elena Lin is an ex-yugoslavian choreographer,performer and visual artist. At 19 she became a member of a small theatar group,where she was choreographing and acting. At the same time she was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, where she graduated as an painter and educator.

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15-16 JANVIER 2011

Du mouvement naturel au mouvement artistique...

Stage de danse Butô avec Françoise Jasmin,

fondatrice de l'Ecole de Butô Human Dance, Paris

Inscription et information:


0033 1 43 35 03 73


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29-30 JANVIER 2011

Pour être en bon état de fonctionnement, le rachis humain doit respecter la forme générale que la Nature lui a donné, un S respectant les lordoses lombaires et cervicales et la cyphose dorsale. Sinon, des contractures compensatrices s'installent aux différents étages de la colonne comme dans le reste du corps, génératrices de blocages, de déformations, d'inflammations.

Un terrain d'exploration sera proposé pour que chacun travaille avec son propre corps: entrer en contact avec sa colonne, observer ses habitudes posturales, déceler d'éventuels blocages, découvrir ou redécouvrir l'horizon et le respect de ses courbes, pour trouver une mobilité naturelle. Cela dans le but d'aller vers une danse où l'énergie circule de façon fluide et harmonieuse.

Registration: barismihci@gmail.com

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21-24 FEVRIER 2011

Detailed anatomical and bio-mechanical information can serve to create a sophisticated and respectful link between our fantasy and the quantum reality experienced by our cells.

The Axis Syllabus provides a technical framework for the artistic exploration and expression of feelings, including our senses and perceptions.

After receiving primary discipline and essential experiance under the tutelage of his mother from ages 8 to 15, Frey Faust went on to accumulate an eclectic skill-set including contact improvisation, pantomime, capoiera, aikido, percussion, voice and several modalities of dancing. He traveled from California to Paris to New York to augment his experience through collaborations with choreographers such as Gina Buntz, Donald Byrd, Merce Cunningham, Nita Little, Ohad Naharin, Meredith Monk, David Parsons, and Stephen Petronio, Randy Warshaw to name a few.

A two-year stint as artist in residence at the Werkstaat e.V. Duesseldorf (now the TANZ HAUS NRW) allowed him to set the foundation for his pedagogical and artistic vision. Since then he has traveled the world, collaborating with like-minded artists and teaching. He is the author of the book and the originator of the Axis Syllabus-universal motor principles; a method for teaching movement through which he aspires to assist his students to deepen their understanding and use of nature's gift to us.

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25-27 FEVRIER 2011

In this AS session, Francesca Pedulla, Baris Mihci and Frey Faust will collaborate to investigate and enhance the student's experience and fluent management of the central structures of the body. Dynamic applications of universal kinetic principles from three different perspectives.

Franscesca Pedulla:

Afro-expressionism / tradionnal wisdom review

Live music with Julien Burette and Geoffry Desmet

Baris Mihci:

Meet the Family - Movement Study

Frey Faust:

Tri-Axial Catapult

The helix/spiral, transformative

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28 FEVRIER - 4 MARS 2011

How to attract attention, catch the eye and leave a burning image in spectator's mind ?

How to share the feelings inside us with the audience?

Complex dance choreography, highly energetic or acrobatic material engaging dancer's entire mental and physical self fascinates the audience. Like circus. But how do we maintain the interest of the audience in less physically demanding material, calm movement or theatrical action? How do we achieve a strong presence?

In this workshop we will learn how to deepen awareness and track internal process so that unconscious impulses integrate with conscious creative expression. Making links between outer and inner life. We will deconstruct the complexity of choreographic materials and work on theatrical actions. We will learn how to include the presence of the spectator into our dancing and performing.

Ana Stegnar is dancer (Ultima Vez 94-97), choreographer ('Les Ballets du Grand Maghreb' 03-10) and teacher (Espace Catastrophe). She studied theater science at UCL and in the last years does research on performer's presence.

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1 JANVIER - 30 JUIN 2011

Monthly Jam organized on the last sunday of every month by Patricia Kuypers and Frank Beaubois of Transitions asbl and Bud Blumenthal of Studio Hybrid. This jam has been running for years. Sometimes improvised music.

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