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Michèle Noiret

Michèle Noiret

The choreographer Michèle Noiret entered in 1976 at the Maurice Béjart's Mudra school, where she studied for three years. In 1977, she met Karlheinz Stockhausen who speaks of a draft integrated solo dance to his music. Right out of Mudra, she studied sign language notation composer and soloist work with him for fifteen years. Of this collaboration are born three creations wich are part of Donnerstag aus Licht opera. They are represented throughout the world. The opera is notably mounted in its entirety for the first time in 1981 at La Scala in Milan, Luca Ronconi for staging and Game Aulenti for set design and costumes, then in 1985 at Covent Garden in London Michael Bogdanov and Maria Bjornson.

In 1981, Michèle Noiret met Pierre Droulers with whom she worked on several projects, including La Jetée (1983). She left in 1982 to explore the New York scene, where it is marked by the meeting with the dancers of the company Trisha Brown and the "contact dance". Back in Belgium, she set up her company in 1986, creating and interpreting the solo La Crevêche and a duet of the same name with Jean-Christian Chalon. At the same time, around the world, she continues with Karlheinz Stockhausen to turn the pieces from the opera Donnerstag aus Licht, particularly in France, the Fondation Maeght in St Paul de Vence, the Fall Festival Paris, the Salzburg Festival in Warsaw, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, etc.

Her work as choreographer takes an ever more important in her work with the solo Vertebra (1989), Louisiana Breakfast (1990), danced and choreographed with Bud Blumenthal, with whom she will work for ten years, L'Espace Oblique (1991), Avna (1992), Tollund (1994), the folds of the Night (1996) that includes the first footage of the walk and Landscape (1997). Then came the Solo Stockhausen (1997), interpreted by Michèle Noiret on the music of Stockhausen Tierkreis tribute to him and En Jeu (1998) where, with the composer Todor Todoroff, she explores interactive technologies of sound.

Beginning in 2000, invited by Geneviève Druet in residence at the Theatre of the Tanners in Brussels, she created In Between (2000) and Twelve Seasons (2001) in collaboration with Paolo Atzori for images and interactive stage sets and Todor Todoroff for the sound. In 2002, with the composer Todor Todoroff and videographer Fred Vaillant, she gets a project that is anchored in time: the "Prospects" (2002-2004), further research on the decomposition of space and integration interactive technology of sound and image.

In 2002 she met the filmmaker Thierry Knauff. Together, they create two films, Solo (2004) and At Unarmed (2006), poems, film, dance and music.

Then come Chambre Blanche (2006), female quartet, simple and uncluttered. Associate artist since the 2006-2007 season at the Theatre National de Belgique, directed by Jean-Louis Colinet, she created The Land (2007), a piece for seven dancers and six musicians Percussions de Strasbourg, with original music by François Paris . In 2007, she found her accomplices Fred Vaillant and Todor Todoroff for De deux points de vue (2007), a duet created for the dancers of the Ballet of Nancy in which it develops, with new interactive tools, a dance-cinema us into the depths of being. Since 1989, Xavier Lauwers signed lights all the creations of the company.